HD video, sound, color; 00:04:45 min - 2016

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Tini Warwar, is an underground song that has found its way into the mainstream, and took over the music scene in Saudi Arabia in 2013. Different musicians and singers started making their own rendition of the song, and it is still considered a favorite among Saudi wedding singers.

This socio-cultural product is a reflection of the effects of globalization and the struggle of hegemony that is occurring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The song is a hybrid being that is a reflection of western influences, combined with Saudi traditional beats and a countdown from 10 to 1. The lyrics throughout the song are a comparison between the past and the present. It showcases current views of Saudis, and what they perceive to be more superior or powerful. It is an example of the economical social hierarchy within the society.

The dance performed in the video is a traditional Arabian dance called “AlKhibayti”. In the past this dance was usually danced in preparation for war and has different influences including Sufi and Hejazi. Today this dance is usually danced as a cultural performance in weddings and social events.

Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvLDDWwLEk

Performed by: Amer Aljifrie