The Green Light 
Five-Channel Video Installation, 4K Video Sound Color, 00:05:40 - 2022

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So much of what we experience currently undergoes different forms of mimicry. Information is created, gathered and then shared in continuous loops. Through each reiteration the mimicked form carries with it new information, and through its continued motion, it begins to form and reform and thus this cycle is birthed, and we are birthed into the cycle. A message shared, received and repeated The work visualizes this motion, it discusses Saudi Arabia’s current state of reformation. As the country reforms, adapts and evolves; voices begin to emerge and take light, while others are blurred and some are no longer heard. Thirty six men stand on a plinth and chant lyrics to arab pop songs when green light is shone on them.

The men stand as regular tessellations in the installation. Within each layer 4 men represent 4 basic shapes, and each form is a unit from which more complicated patterns are constructed. Their harmonies unite and give power to a new unified form. Throughout the performance each form is constructed and deconstructed as the light switches on and off. When the light is switched off the messages they hold lay dormant, once the light is on then the messages continue to spread and form a new whole. Together through their repetition and their occupation of space they manifest new truths and new realities as a result of an action. The work challenges how ideas can spread and manifest from one mimicked form to another, constantly creating new simulacrums.

Performed by: Abdulaziz Bukhari + Abdulaziz Taj + Abdulrahman Alkalali + Abdulrahman Khudhari + Ahmed Altawil + Ahmed Khaled + Faisal Hejazi + Ha ttan Zahran + Mohammad Bashar + Mohammed Alfarra + Mohammed Alqethami + Mshare Alolayan + Nawras Hamada + Nezar Aljahmi + Omar Dardeer + Rayan Alrefaei + Saleh Alshaya + Saoud Nahas