HD Video Sound Color, 00:05:40 - 2021

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This three channel video installation presents varying states of consciousness, and personal existence in a reforming space. How does one accept change, and adapt to change occurring around them? What are the voices that are heard? How are they formed and where do they begin to merge? The three voices and their perspectives: 1. For the change, and was already living in that state of being. 2. Refusing change, and nostalgic to the way things were. 3. Is nonchalant towards the change, and is just going with the flow. Each voice was based on information collected through various sources. They are the voices I heard and saw around me during a time (end of 2018 - end of 2019), where change was beginning to be implemented in the country. The three voices represent varying views that only unite when discussing time. The merge occurs when the voices begin to recite a poem. The Poem is a discussion between man and time, here in the work their voices are no longer theirs but of a foriegn figure, a Majes, reciting the poem for them.