Ana (أنا)
Installation - Fiber Glass Boxes, 3x3x3 - 21x21x21 cm - 50 pieces - 2012

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We believe and trust in this beauty, it is the truth that can also fabricate a lie. The Arab nations are today rising up and fighting for what they perceive as beautiful today. They today dream of a better life for themselves and are fighting to claim this beauty. Now that we are traveling and learning more about different cultures the new generations of Arab nations are defining what beauty is for them today. Protraying the essence of what we are and it’s relationship to beauty. The Quran states many times that we were created from mud; we are this martial, this product that was mainly used for construction; we are reforming ourselves, and world around us for the pursuit of beauty. Using the Golden section I developed my installation; the systematic development with numbers, that occurs everyday in the world with nature and life, is so pure and consistent that is harmonious. This consistency and development is natural and so it’s pure. We search for this beauty and harmony in battles between each other and ourselves. For my installation I wanted to portray, in the simplest form, the essence of our existence. Like human beings and nature, my installation is somewhat alive. Through the course of time the mud will eventually dry up, as it is a transparent box.